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Fr Patrick Peyton

Perhaps you have heard the phrase, “The family that prays together stays together.” Did you know the phrase was coined in the 1940s by Father Patrick Peyton a Catholic media pioneer? Known as “The Rosary Priest,” Father Peyton used radio, television, and billboards to promote family prayer, especially praying the Holy Rosary.

Father Peyton founded Holy Cross Family Ministries, and produced more than 600 radio and television programs and 10,000 broadcasts. He also conducted rosary crusades for millions of people around the world. On December 18, 2017, Pope Francis approved a decree recognizing Father Peyton’s heroic virtues. You can read more of his life at the Congregation of the Holy Cross website.

Many years before Father Peyton’s Rosary crusades, the Blessed Virgin Mary herself stressed the importance and power of praying the Rosary when she appeared to the children at Fatima, Portugal.

The Most Holy Virgin in these last times in which we live has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families… that cannot be solved by the Rosary. There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary. Servant of God Sister Maria Lucia

Recitation of the Holy Rosary leads us into the great mysteries of God’s plan for our salvation through the birth, passion, death, and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. The words of the “Hail Mary” recall the Archangel Gabriel’s greeting to Mary at the Annunciation and Elizabeth’s words as the child leapt in her womb at Mary’s visitation. Mary is the first disciple of Jesus. She cannot contain her joy and immediately shares it with her relative Elizabeth, the first act of evangelization in Holy Scripture.

In more recent times, St. John Paul the Great assured the faithful of the abundant graces available through praying the Rosary:

With the Rosary, the Christian people sits at the school of Mary and is led to contemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and to experience the depths of His love. Through the Rosary the faithful receive abundant grace, as though from the very hands of the Mother of the Redeemer. Rosarium Virginis Mariae, §1

The more we contemplate the face of Christ in the Rosary, the more we will reflect His love to a world that yearns for unconditional acceptance and love. Be the light of Christ in the world. Teach your children to pray the Rosary. Say the Rosary daily as a family. It will change you and your home. May your family be blessed and be a blessing to other families so in need of God’s mercy and love.

Family Prayer

O dear Jesus, we humbly implore You to grant Your special graces to our family. May our home be the shrine of peace, purity, love, labor and faith. We beg You, dear Jesus, to protect and bless all of us, absent and present, living and dead.

O Mary, loving Mother of Jesus, and our Mother, pray to Jesus for our family, for all the families of the world, to guard the cradle of the newborn, the schools of the young and their vocations.

Blessed Saint Joseph, holy guardian of Jesus and Mary, assist us by your prayers in all the necessities of life. Ask of Jesus that special grace which He granted to you, to watch over our home at the pillow of the sick and the dying, so that with Mary and with you, heaven may find our family unbroken in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.