Ken and Signe Castel

Ken and Signe

Ken and Signe Castel have been married more than 40 years and have three adult children and seven living grandchildren.

They serve as leaders of the Couple Prayer Series, a nonprofit organization that teaches couples that prayer is the foundation of a sustainable marriage. In addition to facilitating the six-week series at churches in southeast Michigan, they also lead weekend and day retreats, and speak at dinner programs, conferences and gatherings throughout Michigan and neighboring states.


 Mike O’Dea and Peggy O’Dea

Mike and Peg

Mike and Peggy O’Dea have been married for more than 50 years. They have seven children and 28 grandchildren. The O’Deas have a heart for marriage and family, especially for those individuals in need.

Mike O’Dea is Founder and former Executive Director of the Christ Medicus Foundation, a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization promoting Christ-centered health care.

From 1970 to 1987, Mike held various sales and marketing positions in the health care industry. Since 1987 he has been providing employers and individuals unique health care management resources and benefits consulting, specializing in Christ-centered health care.

He holds an MBA from the University of Detroit and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Viet Nam.

Since 1980, Mike and Peggy have housed and counseled pregnant mothers. In 1984, they founded Mother & Unborn Baby Care, a non-profit charitable organization that assists mothers faced with a crisis pregnancy. Peggy also founded CASA VITAE, to house mothers faced with a crisis pregnancy. The O’Deas operated the home for 10 years before turning over to Mary’s Mantle.


Dennis and Rose Wingfield

Dennis and Rose

Dennis and Rose Wingfield have been married for 17 years, having both been widowed. Together, they have three children and seven grandchildren. They have a heart for helping couples live holy and Christ-centered marriages.

Dennis has more than 30 years experience in pastoral ministry to individuals and couples. He has held board positions for two non-profit ministries totaling 22 years.

Rose Wingfield has more than 15 years experience in pastoral ministry to individuals and couples. She started a parish-based crisis pregnancy center providing emotional and financial support to women and their babies.

Both Rose and Dennis obtained a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies degree from Sacred Heart Major Seminary.