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Unleash the Gospel Lead Photo

Marriage preparation is undergoing a major change in the Archdiocese Detroit as the result of Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron’s Pastoral Letter Unleash the Gospel. Archbishop Vigneron says that “[the synod’s] goal was nothing less than a radical overhaul of the Church in Detroit, a complete reversal of our focus from an inward, maintenance-focused church, to an outward, mission-focused Church” (Unleash the Gospel, 3).

The letter calls for “consideration be given to shaping marriage preparation into a form of ‘Second Catechumenate’” (Unleash the Gospel, 32). Read how we are answering the call of Archbishop Vigneron with the Witness to Love marriage preparation program at the National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Pastoral letter encourages parishes to bolster marriage prep