Jar5For many weeks we have been on a spiritual pilgrimage, reflecting on the Wedding Feast at Cana (Jn 2:1-11). Here Jesus performed His first miracle by changing ordinary water into a superabundance of extraordinary wine.

Wine symbolizes joy! Jesus wants you to know fruitful and abundant joy in your marriage. So how can you receive this grace that Jesus wishes to pour into your marriage?

We propose that, just as there were six stone jars at Cana, there are six “jars” which we need to fill with water (our efforts) so that Jesus can turn it into wine.

So far, we have discussed four of the six stone jars: “Follow Christ,” “Read Scripture,” “Receive the Eucharist,” and “Pray Together.” This week we will “fill” the fifth stone jar: “Form Community.”

How do you receive encouragement to live out your vocation to marriage? This brings us to the fifth stone jar, “Form Community.” Meeting with like-minded, committed couples, dedicated to living Christ-centered marriages is critical to building you up in your mission as husbands and wives, mothers and fathers.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up. (1 Thess 5:11)


If you are not already part of a community where you can find support, start one. It is not hard. Here is a simple way to build community with other couples seeking to grow in their love of Christ and each other in their marriages:

Start a couple sharing group:

  • Invite four or five other couples.
  • Meet once/month – take turns hosting in your homes.
    • Share a meal – this can be a simple potluck or you can take turns cooking the meal.
    • Fellowship – spend time just catching up with the other couples.
    • Study – there are several programs already designed for group study. Choose one and take turns leading the discussion. (Couple Bible Study, Theology of the Body, Covenant of Love, Symbolon, Beloved, etc.)
    • Prayer – take time to pray together as a group, interceding for your needs and the needs of your families.
  • Get together as families too! This can be as simple as a picnic, a trip to the zoo or picking apples. You could also consider a family retreat or an extended camping trip.
  • Be sure to plan events where the children interact with their peers while the parents enjoy adult activities. Children need to build friendships, too!

Scripture gives good advice on why it is important for married couples to fellowship with other like-minded couples:

Iron sharpens iron

Next week, we will fill the sixth and final stone jar, “Forgiveness.”